Academic Standard Committee

BAC International is firmly committed to quality assurance in order to ensure academic standard of highest order in all programmes taught and delivered across the board. An Academic Standard Committee (ASC) is established as part of its BAC’s continued effort to maintain desired level of standard I academic delivery. The ASC shall be comprised of three members, as follows:


  • Module Leader/Tutor of the particular Module/Unit for which the ASC is formed.
  • School head or his nominated faculty of that particular school for which the ASC is formed.
  • Head of any other school or his/her nominated faculty.

The Head of other School shall chair the ASC. Respective Head of School shall establish ASC for each taught module in his/her School.

The ASC is mandated to ensure that the assessment process is being followed accurately across the schools in BAC International in all programmes. The ASC will arrange the defense session for the students after submission of assignment for level 3,4, and 5 on random basis while such session shall be mandatory arranged for UoD level 6 and other level programmes.

If the ASC is not satisfied with the authentication of the assignment/submission then the assignment/submission will not be accepted as a valid submission.