BSc (Hons) Information Technology, University of Derby,UK

The University of Derby (UoD) prides itself on offering a more ancillary learning environment, with more preponderant personal attention given to students than in other UK universities. UoD additionally believe in heedfully aurally perceiving our students so they are represented on all of the senior management committees.

Derby has specialized in teaching arts, design and technology subjects and training teachers since the early 1900s. This tradition continues today and we now also offer courses in business, computing, law in Bangladesh through BAC; while maintaining our utmost quality standards.



Why choose Computing at University of Derby:

Our students get the opportunity to work in state of the art labs supervised by highly qualified faculty members who are accepted by University of Derby to teach their modules at BAC. We provide them the opportunity to acquire an international certificate in their own country.

Our students often say that this is the most rewarding part of their course. You’ll apply everything that you’ve learned so far to a business environment and you’ll see how the wider social environment affects the way an organisation uses information technology.

Throughout the course you will develop sound knowledge and expertise in the design of IT products, starting with small projects in your first year and moving on to more substantial projects as you progress. You will also expand your understanding of business processes and how to manage IT services in an organisation. In addition, you’ll understand how individuals and groups of people work to get things done and how IT can help support a business environment.



What computing at University of Derby offers:

Our computing students are mostly part timers or freelancer and here they get the chance to study alongside their professional life; by introducing University of Derby’s IT Programme, BAC has provided them with the opportunity to acquire international standard education which will help them to keep with the changing technologies of the world. They get full support and absolute focus from their faculty members. Students can interact with teachers at any time about any problems they may have.

We have advanced computer and networking labs, where the students are allowed to practice during their free hours. Also experienced faculties come from University of Derby to take class in BAC so that they can ensure full quality standard education is provided at BAC. Study tours are organised by BAC which allow the students to further enhance their knowledge when they are outside their classrooms.



Benefits of the program – BSc.(Hons) Information Technology:

At the end of the course, competent graduates of University of Derby are developed who can shine in this highly advanced IT world in Bangladesh. Our students can easily freelance and earn at home after they complete our web design and development courses. They get the opportunity to learn about emerging technologies and how other organizations use IT for their many purposes.

As an Information Technology graduate you will find career opportunities in virtually any area of computing and information technology. You could become a systems architect, computer programmer, IT director, help-desk supervisor, systems engineer, or a network technician. Alternatively you could start your own business developing and managing your own IT products and services.

Students will have hands on experience on how to build & design websites/software, students will know different quality standards needs to be maintained during software engineering, students will know the tools & techniques needed to develop certain programs. University of Derby & BAC together is looking forward to develop a group of eligible IT professional who are willing to take any challenge in the real world.



How you will Learn:

There are three modules per semester, each delivered through a mixture of lectures, tutorials, guided reading, practical sessions in computer laboratories, group and individual work, debates, seminars and presentations (by lecturers, guest lecturers from University of Derby, BUET, North South University).

Online materials are available for most modules. These include lecture and tutorial notes, reading lists, web links, examples, hints and tips for assignments and exercises.



B.Sc in IT, programme specification:

Stage3,Semester 1:

Stage3,Semester 2: