Gym and Common Room

Gym Facility :

At BAC International we have a trained gym instructor to help the students to work out in the proper manner, so we expect students to follow him. If a student uses the gym instruments on his/her own will and any health hazard is caused, the institution will not be held liable. Any type of action that will make any of the sports or gym facility inoperable, that student will be liable for fine.


Rules for Gym :

In order to avail the facility certain rules are to be followed by all who use the gym :


Dress Code for Gym :

To maintain the cleanliness of the gym equipment, students must not use the same pair of shoes worn outside the gym for the purpose of exercise. Students must bring separate sets of clothes and shoes to be used in the gym.


Common Room Facility :
Common Room :

There are two separate common rooms for the recreation of boys and girls.


Game CD :

Student must only use the game CD’s available at BAC to play with the Play Station. The use of personal game CD or DVDs are strictly prohibited in the game room.


Game Equipments :

For availing any game equipment students must submit their BAC ID card to the librarian at the library. After finishing the game they must return all the equipment in good condition in order to collect back their ID.


Rules for Common Room :

In order to avail the common room facilities certain rules are to be followed :

• Girls are strictly prohibited to enter the boys’ common room likewise boys are also prohibited to enter the girls’ common room at any point of time during their stay in the campus.