Outline of Verification Procedures

i. The candidate shall apply, in appropriate format, for the award of HND/HNC certificate to the Administrative Officer (AO), BAC International.

ii. The AO shall create a certificate claim file in the system and forward it to the Head of respective School with a “dues clearance certificate” from BAC accounts department.

iii. The Head of School shall use a pre-printed ‘award review’ form to generate information of units completed by the candidate and details of his/her achievements of outcomes in each individual unit. A three-member school level committee shall assist the Head of respective School for verification of outcomes/grades of completed units. The Committee shall prepare a report for each application and upon being satisfied with the committee report the Head of School shall submit the report to the Head of the QAVC with a recommendation for processing the award ‘claim’.

iv. The QAVC shall be meeting once in every three months and review all applications for the award of Edexcel certificates in conjunction with School reports.

v. The Committee shall verify the assessment report of all Assessors and recommendations of Internal Verifiers in relation to each individual candidate’s achievements and establish the authenticity of quality of assessment at each level. The Committee shall also reconcile the documentation with International Standard Verification reports in order to form a recommendation on the candidate’s application.

vi. The CEO will produce a report for and on behalf of the QAVC with confirmed recommendation for the award of HND/HNC qualifications on the basis of individual candidate’s achievements and authorize the CEO to submit the report to the ISV for verification.

vii. BAC CEO will collect the report from the External Verifier with recommendation for the award of certificate. and

viii. The CEO will arrange for forwarding the report and recommendation to the Edexcel with the approval of the BAC International senior management and claim certificates as approved by ISV.