School of Business

About the Business School

Business sector iscentral to the world economy. Sustainable economic developmentof a nation largely depends on its future generation in terms of knowledge and capacity management in the pursuit of going beyond ‘doing it as usual’. BAC Business School offers such a unique pathway to the University of Derby, UK undergraduate programmes of that magnitude and calibration to prepare the students with high standard of knowledge blended in globalised understanding and finally, application in a localised area. BAC Business School always believes, “Quality is the foremost commitment”.

The programmes of BAC Business School are divided into 4 categories:

  • BA (Hons) Business Administration, University of Derby, UK
  • BTEC-Higher National Diploma (HND) in Business, Edexcel, UK
  • BTEC-National Diploma (ND) in Business, Edexcel, UK
  • BTEC-FD in Business, Edexcel, UK

Before we welcome you as a member of the ‘BAC Business School family’, it is our duty to inform you about the facilities that you are going to get as a part of its excellence. We believe that students are our prime stakeholder and they should have rational reasons behind choosing BAC Business School as their knowledge management partner.

Characteristics of BAC Business School:

  • UK degree in Business Administrationstaying in Bangladesh
  • Lower cost compared tomany Bangladeshi universities
  • Highly qualified and supportive faculty members
  • Open credit system
  • Skill based and job market oriented Business degree
  • Easier credit transfer facility to different countries across the world. Like: Australia, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Singapore and many more
  • 3-year UK Honors Degree (comparatively faster route to completion of graduation)
  • Four semesters in a year (faster course completion route)
  • Well-designed courses
  • Application-based education system to develop the students both theoretically and practically.
  • One-to-one care for the students who struggle with confidence because of a long study break
  • Flexibility

We invite you to join the ‘BAC Business School’ family and share your experiences with us. Quality is our priority and you will know about it only when you become a part of our journey.

 Partnerships & Affiliations:

University of Derby, UK

Edexcel, UK

Entry requirements:


BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND)


A-Level/H.S.C/ND/ Equivalent

BTEC National Diploma in Business (ND)


SSC/O- Level/Equivalent
First Diploma (FD in Business)


The graduates of BAC Business School have already started their successful journey in reputed and national and multination corporate world. Your future is there too to explore with skill, ability and knowledge in different sectors. Like:

  • Bank and other financial institutions.
  • Multinational companies.
  • Foreign companies.
  • Local Corporate
  • Educational intuitions.

Career opportunities:

Apart from these sectors, many of them gained potential to become entrepreneurs and some of them have already proved their worth in the economic development of our country. 

Different assessment tools are used to –

  • Ensure that the students are learning properly.
  • Evaluate their academic performance.
  • To enhance their knowledge implementation skills.


Those tools are:

  • Examination
  • Research and dissemination
  • Presentation
  • Assignment/Dissertation
  • Viva

Extra-curricular Activities:

  • Field visit
  • Study tour

Lecture Delivery Methods:

The BAC faculty members believe in innovative and more application based delivery methods. Our teachers areinteractivein lecture and demonstrative in real life application. Igniting the interest of students is our pride in making the curriculum interesting so that they become more responsive and proactive.

Methods used by to provide lecture are:

  • Microsoft Power point lectures
  • White board lectures
  • Utilization of books
  • Utilization of research reports
  • Video discussion
  • Library visit
  • Case study
  • Lab work (if needed)
  • Group work
  • Self-study
Extra-curricular Activities

BAC International Study Centre focuses on both curricular and extra-curricular activities simultaneously. BAC believes that extra-curricular activities play a vital role to ensure better academic performance by creating a sense of responsibility and commitment among the students. They also learn different self-management skills as a result their academic, personal and professional aspects get impacted positively.

We organize different extra-curricular activities throughout the year. Such as:

  • Annual Football Tournament
  • Annual Cricket tournament
  • Indoor games competition

Offered Courses (At a glance):

  • Annual picnic
  • Study tours
  • Day out programs
  • Celebration of different historic days. Such as: Bangla New Year, 16th December, teachers’ day, women’s day etc.
  • Iftar program during Ramadan.
  • Winter cloth distribution among the poor people
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Photography Contest
  • Club activities
  • Different academic competitions. Like: Quiz competition, Case Competition, Debate, poster competition etc.

Credit Value:


Total 360 Credits needed to complete Graduation


60 Credits need to complete BTEC-National Diploma in Business/Pre-University Diploma


Offered Courses (At a glance)

Courses Offered:

BAC Business School offers courses from different genre of Business Administration, for example, Accounting, Finance, Management Studies, Marketing, Human Resources Management, International Business, Project Management, Supply Chain, Business Research etc. These courses enable a learner to know about different aspects of Business Administration.