UK Sports Degree in Bangladesh


BAC International is pleased to take pride in its progressive and dynamic move to introduce innovative curriculum for the first time in Bangladesh in Sports Science and Sports Management for the young and talented youths of the country. These unique pathways shall open the door for our youths to pursue higher education along with continuing sports in a flexible and dynamic manner with the slogan Play and Study Together. Students will have the opportunity to maintain their vigil and vigor both in the field as well as in the class room. These vocationally oriented and practice based programmes are specially designed for the youths to embark on learning while also playing and to acquire necessary skills to enhance performance in respective sports.

Objectives of Sports Degrees:

  • To create an educated sports generation with necessary skills for better performance in national and international levels and can contribute as Sports Management Professional eventually.
  • To deliver range of techniques, personal skills and attributes related to sports.
  • To provide in-depth understanding of necessary  sports  concepts, models and strategies
  • To offer variety of key aspects related to business and governance of sports in  all levels
  • Help gaining profound knowledge in sports management
  • Help to achieve good managerial skill in sports
  • Facilitate to earn  core skills like effective communication, planning and  leadership in sports
  • To help building  career in coaching and sports management
  • To help paving the way of leading a dignified life in the society


  • FD (First Diploma)/O’ Level/SSC (Sports)
  • ND (National Diploma)/A’ Level/HSC     (Performance and Excellence)
  • HNC (Higher National Certificate)/ University Year -1

(Sports and Exercise Science and Coaching and Sports       Development)

  • HND (Higher National Diploma)/ University Year-2

(Sports and Exercise Science and Coaching and Sports Development)

  • BA (Hons.) in Sports Management

UK Qualification Framework:

     ——————————————— Level 1 ———————–Below  O’ Level/SSC
FD ——————————————– Level 2 —————————— O’ Level/SSC
ND ——————————————- Level 3 —————————— A’ Level/HSC
HNC —————————————– Level 4 —————————— University Year 1
HND —————————————– Level 5 —————————— University Year 2
                                   ————————- Level 6 —————————— BA (Hons.)

FD   – First Diploma

ND  – National Diploma

HNC  – Higher National Certificate

HND  – Higher National Diploma

Edexcel Sports Degrees in Bangladesh:

Play and Study Together

Subjects will be covered from FD/ O’ Level/ SSC to Honours:

  • Principles of Anatomy and Physiology in Sport
  • Psychology for Sports Performance
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Biomechanics for Sport
  • Assessing Risk in Sport
  • Development of Personal Fitness
  • Instructing Physical Activity and Exercise
  • Fitness Training and Programming
  • Fitness Testing for Sport and Exercise
  • Technical and Tactical Skills in Sport
  • Practical Sport
  • Research Methods for Sport and Exercise Sciences
  • Research Project
  • Sport and Society
  • Marketing Principles
  • Operating and managing a Sport and Leisure Facility
  • Managing human resources
  • The developing manager
  • Employment law

Subjects will be covered from FD/ O’ Level/ SSC to Honours:

  • The Athlete’s Lifestyle
  • Physical Activity, Lifestyle and Wellbeing
  • Rules, Regulations and Officiating in Sport
  • Skill Acquisition in Sport
  • Skill Acquisition in Sport
  • Analysis of Sports Performance
  • Sports Coaching
  • Physical Education
  • Planning and Leading Sports Activities
  • The Evolution of Sports Development
  • Managing Sports Development
  • The Sport and Leisure Industry
  • Managing Sport Events
  • Strategic Management in Sport
  • Customer Care
  • Employability skills
  • Work-based experience


  • Play and Study Together
  • Open for all
  • Flexible study time
  • Flexible assessment methods suitable for the players
  • Flexible time arrangement for professional players
  • Internationally recognized sports degree from the UK
  • Admission and scholarship in foreign universities
  • Employment opportunity in the sports industry
  • Communication skill enhancement in IT and English
  • Unit certification after the completion of each unit

Career Opportunity:

  • Better Player
  • Better Coach
  • Sports Trainer
  • Sports Agent
  • Sports Nutritionist
  • Sports Psychologist
  • Sports Performance Analyst
  • Sports Event Manager
  • Sports Educationist
  • Sports Administrator

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